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Services We Can Offer

  • Rough Post Construction Cleanup
  • Final Post Construction Cleanup
  • Touch Up Construction Cleaning
  • Slider Door Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing 
  • Tile and Marble Care
  • Floor and Carpet Care 
  • Facility Supplies
  • Restroom Furnishings

Where We Can Offer

  • Government Facilities
  • Office High Rises
  • Condominium High Rises 
  • Residential Developments
  • Shopping Centers
  • Retail Spaces 
  • Office Buildings and Banks
  • Medical Facilities

Construction Services

LDI has been providing post-construction cleanup support services to construction developers for over 20 years.  We started off with ITT Development Corporation and continued with Haskell Construction Co. providing post construction clean up efforts to many of their facilities. The trend continued where we supported bank construction projects and condominium high rises.

Construction cleanup requires listening, thorough planning, safety, and consistent communication between all parties.  We’ve been servicing this market long enough to realize that we should always expect the unexpected whether it be changes in plans, budgeting, personnel due to injuries, and time constraints.  Our ability to be flexible and coordinate schedules is essential for the contractor’s ability to successfully complete construction projects.

We understand safety and safety is foremost our primary objective when servicing construction projects.  For this we have teams that routinely undergo workplace safety workshops and OSHA training. 

We are able to perform responsively to ensure that the construction support process is a smooth phase with limited to no interruption to other contractors on site.

As such, if you are a developer in need of a licensed professional to provide post-construction cleanup efforts or facility supplies, please contact us. We have a team for you.